Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adding to the Pope Family!

Stephanie and I found out that she was pregnant towards the end of May of this year. We were so excited! We were trying to have a baby and felt so blessed that Heavenly Father would send one of his children to us. Stephanie started to feel sick shortly after we found out and her sickness has not gone away yet. For both of our sakes I hope it goes away soon!

After talking to my sister Anna, we found out that we could figure out the gender of the baby sooner that I thought we could. We misunderstood that we needed to get a 4D ultrasound to determine the baby's gender. We ended up going to the Provo Towne Center Mall to find out, but they only could do 3D and 2D ultrasounds. That wouldn't deter Stephanie very long however. After we went the the hospital this last Saturday to see our brand new nephew (Kyler Steven), we headed to the the the mall off of 106th south to see if we could get an ultrasound there. They did 4D ultrasounds. The funny thing is that we found out that the best way to go was a 2D ultrasound; so we could have just gotten one in Provo. Here are a few of the pictures from that ultrasound.

This is the first picture we saw of our new baby!

It made us very happy to see that our baby had a straight spine!

We tried for about 20 minutes, but the baby would not show us its gender.
We had to go home without knowing whether we were having a boy or a girl. It was a little disappointing. We did decide to go back this last Tuesday to try to find out again. They told us at the Fetal Studio that if they couldn't determine it the first time, we could come back for free as many times as it took to determine the gender of the baby.

On Tuesday we were excited, even though we had to drive up to Sandy. When we got in the ultrasound room it looked like the baby was asleep and wasn't going to wake up. The attendant there told us to go get some sugar and then come back in about 20 minutes. It seemed like it did the trick. After our ice cream, the baby was moving a lot more.

Here is the first picture we saw of our little baby girl!
And another one showing that it truly is a girl!

When we first found out that Stephanie was pregnant we thought we were going to have a baby girl, but I had convinced myself that it might be a boy. We are very happy to be having a little baby girl. At this point, we think we will name her Kristen Stephanie, after he beautiful mother.